Gambit #20-25 (2000-2001): Series ends

In a recent arc, Gambit went to the past. He’s also been fooling around with all kinds of future characters and timelines. Now he has a dream story with Fontanelle.

I hate this comic.

In the dream, he once again sees himself as some kinda messiah or some nonsense, which sparks a storyline of him searching for his own birth records, doing spy stuff with Mystique, having more alternate reality bullshit…All terrible. Just terrible.

Event the jokes suck.

Fabian Nicieza is capable of much better than this. Even he bails by the end, letting Scott Lobdell and Joe Pruett clean up this mess.

It’s over with issue #25, which wraps with a happy ending.

There is truly no reason to read any of this. If you’re a diehard X-fan, I suppose that the stuff with X-Cutioner or Mister Sinister might matter to you but as someone who is reading every Marvel comic I can tell you that it only matters to you.

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