Uncanny X-Men #206 (1986)

Cool splash page!

And the return of John Romita Jr.!

That’s Storm on the splash page, of course, and she’s still got no powers. But that doesn’t stop her from kicking ass against a street gang.

The X-Men are all out in San Francisco, which means we get to visit with the original Spider-Woman as well (now de-powered) and future X-Factor character rock star Lila Cheney.

Then, it’s time for a big battle with Freedom Force.

Freedom Force are basically the first Thunderbolts team: A bunch of kinda villains hired by the government to serve justice, which, in this case, means hunting mutants.  The Spider-Woman from Secret Wars has joined the Force, so I guess we’ll be seeing more of that character.

Also, the team has Spiral from Longshot’s book, Blob, and my two favorite Brotherhood members, Avalanche and Pyro.

Although Freedom Force win the battle, the SFPD–who are friendly with Jessica Drew–invoke local jurisdiction.

A good old fashioned turf war means the X-Men go free.


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