TALES OF SUSPENSE #64-65 (1965): Captain America

Last issue was a retelling of Captain America’s origin and his time in uniform during World War II. Issue #64 began a run of 1941 Captain America stories that largely re-told the Cap Golden Age comics, with some changes.

Note the headline about “Sando and Omar.” It’s a reference to a story in the non-canonical Captain America Comics by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Neat little Easter Egg.

They still take place during WWII.

This first one is the first appearance of Red Skull, only it’s not the real Red Skull, it’s an imposter: George Maxon.

He was ALSO Red Skull in the Golden Age Captain America Comics #1.

I’m going to tag it as canon, even though it takes place before the official start of the Marvel Universe, because unlike the Cap stories Kirby did with Joe Simon, these appear to me to be attempts to show Captain America’s experience in the pre-Fantastic Four 616.

Red Skull does escape–and leaves a list of his targets.

Ooooh. Cap and Bucky were next!

Thus began Marvel’s retelling of the same stories with updates, a grand tradition that never really ends.

But they’re more fun when they’re modern!

First appearance: Red Skull (although not really) in a Silver Age comic, but it takes place in 1941.

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