GENERATION X #32 (1997)

The team goes to a carnival and take on Ringmaster’s Circus of Crime.

But first, Moira and Banshee discuss M’s having split into two twins.

Side note: When did Moira start looking like a hybrid of Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo?

I can’t wait for them to find out that not only did the being they knew as Monet St. Croix revert into two twins, but neither of them are Monet St. Croix! Monet is actually the strange being they are calling Penance.

Anyway, all the hubub they’ve been through is what inspires them to take a break and go to the circus. While the Gen X team is having Monet problems, Ringmaster, is having money problems…

When he hypnotizes the audience, Husk–in a daze–opens the scarf covering Chamber’s lower jaw.

And then it’s on like Donkey Kong…

But instead of turning them over to the cops, Jubilee decides they’re more alike than dissimilar.

…And convinces them to run a charity show…

OK. These guys aren’t just misfits or outcasts–they’re criminals. But Jubilee is just a kid, so her actions makes sense on that level.

Also, Banshee seems to like the Scooby Doo Gang look on Moira…

I shit on Tom DeFalco’s writing a lot because…He kinda deserves it. (Clone saga. The Lost Gods. Fantastic Force. Thunderstrike. A dozen Reed Richardses, and none of them interesting. Etc.). But this is a solid fill-in issue.

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