INCREDIBLE HULK #421-423 (1994): Myth Conceptions

Agamemnon is gone so Hulk finds himself the de facto leader of Pantheon, and in-fighting among members of the team drive Hulk to search for Agamemnon.

Betty says she’ll come along.

Turns out, Betty isn’t just a betty. She’s a bit of a badass.

The trail leads Hulk and company to meet what passed for Thor in 1994. Red Norvell.

all new thor vs hulk

Hulk paraphrases the zinger that almost Lloyd Bentsen Vice President in 1988…

In the fight, we get a “lifting Thor’s hammer” joke.

They also meet the Warriors Three.

Betty is less than impressed.

The good news is, Hulk finds Agamemnon. The bad news is, they get eaten by a giant wolf and end up in Hel. They fight their way out, and along the way there are a bunch of issues with individual Pantheon members that come to resolution. It’s the lead-in to the next story, which ends this multi-year Pantheon story.

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