Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #144-145 (1988)

Note that the title of this comic has changed–“Peter Parker the” have been dropped as the first three words of the book.

While in San Diego for his book tour, Spider-Man faces off against Boomerang as the criminal tries to disrupt…A yacht race?!?

And Boomerang actually gets the better of Spidey and chains him to the bottom of a boat (instead of just killing him), so that Spidey can do a dramatic bust-out.

And then of course Spidey takes down the bad guy and his client.

It’s pretty contrived, but it’s not a bad comic per se.

Also, he meets Tama Janowitz…

There are some other celebs who appear, but she’s the best of the lot.

Fun, but two issues is a little long to take down Boomerang.

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