DAREDEVIL #41-45/421-425 (2003): Lowlife; 1st Milla Donovan

Daredevil meeets his future wife. Seriously.

Issue #41 starts with a woman walking with her blind friend down the street. They part, the blind woman steps into the street, and nearly gets hit by a truck–but Daredevil swoops down and saves her.

Yes, it’s a re-enactment of Daredevil #1, only this time is Daredevil (not young Matt Murdock) who does the saving.

She is smitten by the hero and goes to see Matt Murdock–since there are still rumors that he is actually Daredevil.

Turns out, she’s a bit of a social justice crusader so she and Matt hit it off–really well. They’ll be dating for a few more arcs after this one.

Also, Stilt-Man seeks representation from Matt Murdock, gets rowdy, and we learn that Melvin Potter is now working security in Murdock’s law office.


But the visit from Stilt-Man does reveal that Owl is becoming a greater threat with Kingpin being “dead,” and is selling Mutant Growth Hormone that gives people temporary super powers (and often kills them).

The Owl is the main nemesis of this arc, which concludes with a big fight.

And for the cliffhanger, we learn that Kingpin is back. He’s just mentioned by some hoods–we don’t see him.

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