New X-Men #142-145 (2003): Assault on Weapon Plus; 1st Ultimaton

Scott disappeared after being caught astrally cheating on Jean with White Queen. This arc starts with him pouting (victimized by his own cheating behavior) in a bar and reminiscing…

OK. That’s funny.

Sabretooth shows up and we see Cyclops is actually drinking at the Hellfire Club. Barkeep Sebastian Shaw tells Creed to stop harassing the customers.

Logan shows up and goes drink-for-drink with Cyclops, and then goes dong-for-dong against Creed.

It’s hard to tell, but I think Wolverine lost in that (ahem) “head to head” contest.

Then Fantomex shows up and the group go on a mission to track down the Weapon Plus program that created him. They find AIM also investigated the Weapon Plus “dome”…And they’re all dead–killed by Weapon XV, aka Ultimaton…

Grant Morrison creates an entire world for us inside the dome, where time passes at a different rate than in the “real” world, which enables the scientists to breed and grow generations of weapons while only a few months passes outside.

The team has an initial fight with Ultimaton before the being rockets skyward to space. The trio follow him up to the Weapon Plus Space Station (because of course they have their own satellite) using Fantomex’s own personal spaceship–E.V.A. Once there, Logan uncovers the Weapon Plus files. In them, we see that Nuke was a product of the program, as were Wolverine and Captain America. Also, Logan and Ultimaton get philosophical.

Cyclops and Fantomex blow up the space station, but Wolverine does not escape in time because he’s reading so intently. Yes. Reading kills Wolverine.



It leaves us a little bored, frankly.

I love Grant Morrison’s run, but this arc is a low point. I do like the Weapon Plus lore, but other than that it is a very predictable story with very familiar story beats. The first issue of the arc, #142, is the best of the lot because it’s just Cyke, Logan, and Sabretooth being themselves and being written very, very well.

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