FANTASTIC FOUR #275 (1985): Naked She-Hulk

The classic She Hulk naked pictures issue.  If you haven’t read this, you haven’t read one of the best comics of the 1980s.  It’s also most likely the reason John Byrne got traction for a She-Hulk Graphic Novel and then a full-fledged series (one of the best and most experimental of Marvel’s late 1980s books).


Some paparazzi fly over the Baxter Building while Shulkie is sunbathing topless, the wind from their propellers blow her towel off, and suddenly a huge green musclebound woman is the sexiest thing in comics.  The punchline is that their colorist sucks…

And is it my imagination, or is the sleazy editor supposed to be Stan Lee?

In the end, Wyatt gets Shulk to be magnanimous.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Alicia are getting it on.

This is one of the best comics of the ’80s, according to my own top 10 list.

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