MICRONAUTS #42-44 (1982)

There is a love story between droids.  There’s actually a lot of interpersonal relationships in this book, but I’ve really only been covering it to the extent that it touches the greater Marvel Universe.

It’s a solidly good comic, but rarely a great one.

Also in this issue. Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp, meets the team–and really, you’d have thought that would have happened a lot sooner given the similarities between the characters.

Sadly, it’s not a great Wasp appearance.  She spends much of the time naked.

The villain in #42 is Dr. Nemesis, who previously stole the formula for Hank Pym’s shrinking powers and in this issue steals prototype Pym armor–the Micronauts defeat him by turning his shrinking power against him, making him so small he ends up in the Microverse, they give The Avengers back the armor Nemesis stole, and then they use that tech to shrink themselves down and return to their home world.

Before they figure out how to use the tech, Thor tries-and-fails to use his hammer’s abilities to send them back.

Also, an interesting letter explaining how direct market is changing comics.

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