X-Factor #29 (1988)

Enjoying their newfound status as heroes, X-Factor holds a press conference.  Actually, every issue since Apocalypse attacked New York in the Fall of the Mutants, they seem to be taking reporters’ questions.  As you can see from above, though, Scott Summers is grouchy.  Why?  Because he feels guilty.  Again.  He always feels guilty.

This time, it’s because he was making out with Jean while his wife Madelyne “died.”  (She’s not really dead.)  Scott thought she was dead, and she had disappeared off the face of the Earth making no attempt to contact him.
That sounds like a pass to make out with Jean, doesn’t it?

This is also the first appearance of Infectia as Infectia (she appeared briefly last issue), who can turn people into “anti-body” monsters who fight on her behalf—until they burn out and dissolve into dust.  She wants to steal Apocalypse’s living ship.  She fails in this issue, buet in the last panel…

…She identifies Iceman as the weak link.

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