Nomad #21 (1994)

I love Man-Thing, so my hopes were high when I saw the cover.  Nomad, so far, has been borderline unreadable.  Could this be a turn for the better?

And there’s a new writer/artist team…Hope rises…

Nomad’s nomadic travels take him to Florida, where he sees Man-Thing apparently preying on an innocent, wheelchair-bound woman (but Man-Thing is actually saving her from some aggressors who assaulted her in the swamp).  So, Nomad and Man-Thing fight until she yells at Nomad and he stops fighting.

It’s a simple story.  But most Man-Thing stories are.

Not as good as I’d hoped, but still better than nearly all the issues of Nomad that preceded it.  It’s pretty much a Man-Thing story in the spirit of the old Steve Gerber ones, where the creature tries to help but instead of a “Thank you” gets punched in the face.

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