Marvel Two-In-One #92-93 (1982): Jocasta dies

A pretty important event for Avengers happens in an unimportant book that stars a member of the Fantastic Four.  Pretty neat.

This is a nice team up.  It starts with Jacosta getting title billing and ends with Machine Man—a logical pairing.  Not sure what Thing is doing in the mix, but still—nicely thought out.

Jacosta goes to Reed Richards for help with some internal bugs, and relates her entire history as a sad-sack hanger-on without any real affiliations or meaningful connections to the world.  Reed calls Avengers Mansion for some background info…

…Which is really just an excuse for a Captain America guest spot.

It turns out, the “bug” in Jacosta is Ultron trying to manipulate her.  She goes nuts, and Thing (who happens to be buying insurance from Aaron Stack, the Machine Man) and Machine Man jump in to subdue her.  Ultron can take on the entire Avengers, but Machine Man is able to stand up to him pretty good.  After Ultron kills Jacosta, Machine Man does this…


Also in this issue: Thing does the hey Kool Aid.

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