New Mutants #2 (2003)

Issue #1 of this reboot was a terrific introduction to the series, and showed Dani Moonstar rescuing a newly emerged mutant, Sofia Montega, from a life of prejudice and misunderstanding by taking her to the Xavier school.

Issue #2 begins with their arrival at the school.

At school, Sofia meets a young kid with telekenesis named Julian Keller (who later becomes Hellion).

As the kids go off, Xavier offers Dani a teaching position at the school, but she instead agrees to become a recruiter. After she accepts, she sees a girl sitting alone in the cafeteria.

That’s Laurie Collins, future Wallflower.

So, we’ve got an Argentinian with wind powers, a girl with pheromone powers who doesn’t trust people because they literally can’t be honest with her, and a good-natured boy with telekinesis. A few other new mutants appear (Mercury and Lizard Boy) but they’re either not named or are just in a panel or two, so we’ll talk about them when we are properly introduced.

The cast is shaping into something very interesting!

There is a LOT to like about this series. The stories are simple, charming, unpredictable, and sweet–and not laden down with continuity. The series promises a good mix of new and under-used characters. It is a solid all-ages book that doesn’t go dark just to lure in adults but doesn’t read as too “babyish” for grown-up readers, either.

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