CAPTAIN AMERICA #251-252 (1980)

Rooftop reflection followed by some adrenaline junkie games.

Then, Captain America takes on one of the most fun Marvel villains…Mr. Hyde!


That’s one of my favorite panels ever.  Just love the use of color to show the gas, and the shadows over Hyde’s looming presence.  John Byrne gave this book his all.

In this two-parter, Hyde is not with his usual partner–instead, he’s with the French leaping kicker known as Batroc, who, like Cobra, is pretty much a joke of a villain.


Of course, it starts with Batroc and Hyde not getting along.

And it’s kind of Hyde’s fault. He’s such a dick. While they are arguing over funds, Cap is getting closer to Bernie.

Bernie is the best girlfriend. Even though she’s not his girlfriend yet.

It’s hard to believe a guy with 0% bodyfat doesn’t eat well…I need that super soldier serum.

Meanwhile, Batroc and Hyde seem to have figured out their differences and they’re on to the plot, which involves a hijacking, in which Batroc uses a bathing beauty to dupe some wealthy yacht owners while he boards the ship. 

Captain America tries to save the day.

Cap beats up Batroc.

But Hyde beats up Cap.

This is some of Byrne’s finest work.  Look at Hyde’s face–he’s maniacal. 

Roger Stern really “gets” Hyde as a villain–he’s crazy.  The serum that gives him strength also makes him nuts–almost like he’s high.

Ditto for Batroc…

The muscles in his legs, the power in the leap–John Byrne is a master.

Captured, they strap him to the front of the boat, in one hell of a great splash page…

Then they investigate his booty.

But Batroc can’t hang with the level of Hyde’s evil–which includes pointless mass murder.

Cap gets free and works with Batroc to foil Hyde.

And in the end, a closer look at Steve’s apartment…

It’s impossible to explain why, but diagrams of peoples’ apartments were really cool in the 1980s.  Maybe it was part of Marvel’s effort to make its characters seem real.

Roger and John’s run on Cap is one of the top 10 Roger Stern comics of all time.

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    • Fair point, but Byrne has been pretty clear that he “swipes” Kirby work–I think it’s more of a tribute than a swipe. I mean, it’s almost impossible to be original in comics that have been basically telling the same story for half a century with the same characters.


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