Captain Marvel #2 (1994)

This is odd. It’s a “#2” from a comic where #1 was back in 1989. I tagged that comic as a one-shot. Doing the same here.

(Maybe this was a conscious attempt to replicated when the original Captain Marvel did something similar, when his series when on hiatus in 1970 and then returned in 1972 with issue #22?)

She takes on the White Supremacist group Sons of the Serpent in a continuation of a story that began in Web Of Spider-Man #56 and involved Rocket Racer.

Seriously. It’s a #2 of a 1989 comic that resolves a story that started (and ended) in 1989.

Rocket Racer is in this one, too.

And Captain Marvel has heard of him.

Is it possible this is an old comic getting taken out of mothballs five years after it was written just to preserve a copyright?

Ehhhhhh. Could be….

The only significant thing about this issue is that an FBI agent figures out Monica’s secret identity.

She turns it into a racial thing.

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