AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5, PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #5 (1999): 1st Spider-Woman 4

All the Spider-Women appear in this story, including the first villain to take that identity.

We start with the recently introduced Mattie Franklin stopping a bank robbery (being committed by the “Y2K Gang”–any of my readers young enough to remember that big event?), and posting for cameras.

We then see Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, attacked in Madripoor by an off-screen attacker who saps her powers. (Note that she’s had this happen before, in a perfect comic book: Avengers Annual #10.). The same thing then happens to Julia Carpenter.

And then, finally, Mattie. But when it happens to her, Spider-Man is with her fighting monsters.

But Spider-Woman 4 is not the real big bad.

That would be…

Doctor Octopus. In a new costume, that I can’t say I love.

Spider-Man fights off the baddies, but they escape.

On the last page, Flash Thompson is seen in his apartment getting a visit from an unseen person–we’ll learn about that in the next story.

A notable subplot: Peter Parker is lying to MJ, telling her he is still retired as Spider-Man.

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  1. Shockingly, some of this stuff is being semi adapted into the Madame Web movie. As the only person on Earth who likes Mattie Franklin, I find this troubling.


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