AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #359-360 (1992): 1st Carnage

Spider-Man goes after bankers–white collar criminals–at the behest of Ben Urich.  Cardiac is also trying to get the same baddies–but of course, Cardiac is out to kill. Because Cardiac was created in the 1990s, so all he can do is shoot things.

The villains of this story also produce toys…


…Evil toys.

And their tech is linked to Stane Corporation.  But really, nobody remembers these issues for Cardiac or Stane.

This is what they’re remembered for:

The backstory showing Cletus Kasaday becoming Carnage.

Marvel knew Carnage would be huge. They said so on issue #359’s letter page.

Also in this arc: Flash goes dancing with Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy.

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