Uncanny X-Men #220 (1987): Storm quits

Finally!  Storm is gonna get her powers back!

But before she can go on her quest, she has to convince Wolverine to be the team leader while she’s gone.

She eventually does so using the only kind of communication Wolverine understands…

She goes to Forge’s house—which we last saw drawn by the great Barry Windsor Smith—and finds it has been abandoned. 

All that is left are holograms that replay important events that occurred there. 

It’s a novel way to recap her recent history, and offers Chris Claremont the opportunity both to refamiliarize readers with what happened to Storm (which is important because this book so dense and has so many characters), but also allows him to show Storm’s present-day reactions to revisiting these memories.

While there, she meets Naze, a wise old Native American who was allied with Forge, who tells her Forge has been kidnapped by The Adversary.  He offers to take her to him and confirms Forge can help her get her weather powers back.

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