DAREDEVIL #368-370 (1997): Widow’s Kiss

Matt Murdock takes on a client whose company is being taken over by Russians who employ Omega Red.

Daredevil fights Omega Red, but where there are Russians, there are more Russians. Black Widow shows up and shoots Omega Red. She fails to kill him, so she lines up a second shot, and Daredevil jumps in front of the bullet rather than allow her to commit murder.

Dude. First of all, it’s not murder if she’s preventing Omega Red from committing murder. Killing in defense of someone else is a complete defense. More importantly, this is Black Widow. It’s not like she’s never killed anyone before.

Widow and Karen Page clean the gunshot wound and then we got a plot involving a Russian general–corrupted by the Molina crime family–trying to recruit her Darkstar, and Widow getting involved undercover as a double-agent for SHIELD. Having been shot, DD has bandages during the tale.

I’m not sure why he’d wear them outside his costume, so everyone knows he’s hurt.

Daredevil is really unnecessary to this larger plot, but it’s nice to have him coupled with Widow again. He’s still injured at the end of this arc, which is also nice. It should take more than a few days to recover from a gunshot wound to the ribs.

Also, Matt’s dog Deuce is missing and Foggy is trying to hire Misty Knight to find him.

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