Coming right on the heels of the disappointing Venom: The Mace, which wove in an esoteric side-character from Punisher, we get another esoteric side character, Vengeance, who is from Ghost Rider. So it looks like Venom is hitting all the big-and-required guest stars in his various series.

Venom meets a former Government agent…

…Who tells him he’s being hunted by a gang of hunters with new weapons called The Stalkers. They seem well positioned to neutralize Venom and are beating him when Vengeance shows up out of nowhere.

He’s just Ghost Rider on steroids.

The Stalkers kidnap Eddie Brock’s girlfriend Beck and his doctor-who-has-a-crush-on-him Elizabeth.

The antiheroes rescue them and gain fondness for each other.

In what passes for character development, after the big fights-and-rescues, Brock decides not to date either of them.

So his love interest is written out of the series, and never seen again. This is not a good thing. Venom isn’t a very interesting character, and having him have relationships had the potential to be interesting. This series ends with him being less interesting.

This is the second bad Venom comic in a row.

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