AVENGERS #341-342 (1991): More Hate Monger

rage marvel comics black character

I’m not really digging The Avengers these days. These two issues are written by guest writer Fabian Nicieza, and it’s more ham-handed race-based morality. Awkward, preachy, and, frankly, boring. Hate Monger is the perfect villain for this kind of thing. Only this is a new one, some kind of demonish dude named Animus.

He teams up with the white supremacist group Sons of the Serpent.

The important thing is that Rage meets the New Warriors who soon (but not soon enough). In this story, he fights Namorita.

The New Warriors will take Rage away from the pages of Avengers and stick him in their book.

new warriors meet rage avengers

I’m hoping they’ll make better use of him.

New Warriors is probably Marvel’s best team book right now.

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