Quasar #18 (1991): 1st Unbeing and Origin

Quasar wakes up at home visiting his family, with no idea how he got there.

He meets a little kid with a fixation on comic books who is actually a new cosmic being: Origin.  Origin brought Quasar there, and erased his memor.  He also gave him a new costume.

His power (he says) is to create superheroes, and his foe is Unbeing, who has the power to erase super-heroes.  He asks Quasar to kill Unbeing, who, he says, has taken the form of an old woman in a hospital bed.

You see where this is going, right?

The kid is really the bad guy, the old lady is really Origin.

Origin will be around for a bunch more Quasar issues, but won’t get beyond this comic.  

Unbeing appears once more. Unbeing’s evil boss, Oblivion, will appear in the next Damage Control miniseries but that’s it.

None of this is terrible, but none of it is great, either.

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