AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #368-373 (1992-1993): Invasion of the Spider-Slayers

Some new Spider-Slayer robots, Scorpion…

…and Electro fight Spider-Man…

…and his sometime ally Black Cat.

She has a new costume that is ridiculously revealing.

The robots were built by Alistair Smythe, who is now part-human/part-machine.

Dave Michelinie’s Spider-Man comics used to focus a lot on character work, but they’ve become almost entirely action vehicles now.  I’m sure Marvel’s editorial move in the 1990s towards increasingly pumping adrenaline into every single come was partly responsible, but also Dave’s been at it with Spider-Man for a long time now–I think he’s running out of ideas.

As far as villain-of-the-month stories go, though, these are perfectly fine.

And throughout, it’s more with Peter’s “parents.”

There are also back-up stories. Some are bland and not worth discussing. The one in #369 has Liz Allan facing off against Harry Osborn.

He’s still nuts.

I wonder if Marvel editorial made a conscious decision to relegate character pieces to the end of the comic instead of including them throughout the way Marvel did in its prime?

In another one, Pete boxes Flash and wears pink gloves for some reason.

And #373’s backup involves Venom escaping The Vault. Starting in 1993, Venom will get his own miniserieses.  Plural.  Like, an endless procession of Venom miniseries that start in 1993 and don’t end until after the turn of the century, when he gets his own ongoing series.

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