Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #32-35 (1992)

OK, let’s be honest.  Nick Fury is a book that sucks.  And has sucked for a long time.  Even prior iterations, when Marvel was at its best, Nick Fury couldn’t carry his own title.  Now it’s the 1990s, most books are getting worse, and this one is no exception.

In #32, Weapon Omega and Fury team up against Wild Child.  Then we get an arc where Angar the Screamer and Mad Dog take over the Helicarrier.

Seriously.  A couple barely known villains and a bunch of new ones are able to overcome SHIELD’s defenses.

They’re under the leadership of Strucker.  But still.

Oh, and SHIELD is taking up the ’90s habit of posing for the camera.

Art by Dave Hoover (#32), M.C. Wyman (#33-35).

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