THOR #391 (1988): 1st Eric Masterson

Pretty basic story: Thor is back on Earth as Sigurd Jarlson, construction worker.

The issue is only significant because it is the first appearance of Eric Masterson, who later will become Thunderstrike (essentially a Thor wannabe).

Anyway, the action sequence is about Mongoose. If your’e going to use an animal-based villain, you should have Spider-Man guest star.

How these two heroes have trouble with a guy like this is beyond me.

It takes the two of them an unreasonable amount of effort to take down a guy like this.

He even escapes by breaking the foundation of the building Sigurd was working on, forcing Thor to hold it up while Spider-Man shores up the foundation again.

Mongoose’s plans are unclear. Mongoose refers to being employed by someone, but it’s not clear who, and that mystery employer wanted him to target Thor, but that’s not clear why either.

We also get a glimpse of Asgard, where Balder, Hogun et al. are trying to rebuild the Rainbow Bridge so Thor can be returned to Asgard.

Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz also worked on Spider-Man together, so it makes sense they bring him in.

Also: New cornerbox.

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