DAREDEVIL #210-214 (1984-1985): Savages Part Two

daredevil 210 micah

Micah is now living the high life, and along the way he catches Daredevil’s scent and realizes he’s Murdock.  As readers, we know that means Micah has to die.

We also know it when Micah starts going after Wilson Fisk’s family.  Remember?  Kingpin already told the dude to leave peoples’ wives alone, but Synn is still messing around with Foggy’s wife.


Look at that facial expression. This is when Mazzuchelli finally came into his own as an artist.  His earlier issues are great, but during this arc we really see him turn a corner and develop a style all his own.

Anyway, Synn also messes with Fisk’s wife….

daredevil kingpin mazzuchelli handjob

It wasn’t really Vanessa.  It was an actress.  But Synn’s killing of the woman bonds Murdock and Kingpin: Together, they will take down the bigger threat.


It’s not a surprise that Daredevil wins.  After all, he’s the hero.  But To see Synn so utterly crushed and defeated, a former king now lying in the gutter, and to see him allowed to live?  That’s a surprise.

This is a great story.  It has clear beats and and is decompressed enough to build without being tedious–and it easily could have been stupid.  It’s a testament to Denny O’Neil’s highly underrated skills during this run.

Oh, and one more thing: Daredevil knocks out a tiger.

Savages is one of the best stories Denny O’Neil wrote for Marvel.

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