Ready for another issue of a comic by creators who are past their prime?

I’m not.

F4U is awful. I’m going to group these posts by year–it’s quarterly, so max four issues per post. And thankfully this book gets cancelled after 12 issues.

Issue #2 is an Inhumans story.  Herb Trimpe continues to update his style for the ’90s, but it just looks odd.  Roy Thomas makes no effort to write differently, and the whole thing feels dated.


Nice pin-up though.

Then it’s on to #3:

I love Blastaar and Annihilus.  But I don’t love this comic.

The art is awful.  Look at Thing’s eyebrows.

And we close out the year with a Hulk/Thing fight, complete with Thing-in-a-hole.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect, and then they team up.  Then there’s a little adventure against the Pantheon.  The FF fight them and then team up with them.  So, in one issue, two fight-then-align sequences.  I’m tired.

In the end, it’s Mole Man.

Also in #4 someone who clearly has brain damage wrote in and said FFU is their favorite comic.

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