DAREDEVIL: NINJA #1-3 (2000-2001)

Brian Michael Bendis’ Daredevil run is amazing.

This miniseries is not.

In fact, I’m not sure what it is, exactly. It’s billed on the cover as a Marvel Knights book, and then inside it says it is produced by Marvel Films.

There’s barely a story: Daredevil and some Chaste Clan members go to Japan to fight the Hand and learn about Stick’s history as the last in a long line of legendary fighters with some kind of mystical ability to wield a sword that has been stolen by the hand.

And then in the end we learn that Stick has been reborn again in the form of baby Karen from Guardian Devil. Seriously? I’m pretty sure this is not canon.

It’s mostly nonstop fighting, mostly without words. It’s hard to rate it poorly–Haynes has very interesting art and Bendis writes well. Also it feels experimental, and I always want to support a major comic book publisher for doing something unusual. Yet as a book it doesn’t work really well. It’s hard to care about the characters or the story.

So, I’ll give it a C.

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