Amazing Spider-Man #320-325 (1989): Assassination Nation

It’s a summer event featuring Paladin…

…and Silver Sable.


She gets to have an extended fight against Sabretooth.

She seems to kill him (of course she doesn’t) and could care less.

They’re taking on a paramilitary organization that is literally shooting tanks around New York City.

Thanks to his new, super-strong webbing that he invented in this issue, Spider-Man is able to resolve the tank problem pretty easily.

Then we get into the conspiracy politics that always come in with a Silver Sable story.

She hires Spider-Man to work for her—but I feel like we’ve seen this before.  He doesn’t want to work for her but then the money is too good to pass up, so he travels to Symkaria to help prevent the king from being assassinated.

Along the way, there’s a pretty nasty murder commited by Sabretooth, who is working for the other side.

That’s Solo. He’s also part of the team fighting the terrorists.

Captain America arrives for the finale, since the terrorists behind this are from his comic.

The action goes intercontinental and involves Red Skull.

Having a Red Skull/Cap story in a Spider-Man book feels odd and wrong to me—Skull is supposed to be Cap’s special baddie.

This isn’t a terrible story—it’s just not a great one—so Cap fans who missed it need not lament.

Also, eye candy:

Erik Larsen assists with the art on #324 only.

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