Quasar #27-29 (1991): Epoch’s origin

As you can see from the cover, Her wants to jump Quasar’s bones.  That cover, by Greg Capullo, reminds me of the great and funny Justice League book by JM DeMatteis and Kevin MacGuire. Not sure why exactly, but it does.

Anyway, these issues aren’t on par with that terrific run.  

She shows up on Earth looking for Him (now Warlock), because Him is supposed to be Her’s mate.

But he’s busy with Infinity Gauntlet.

There’s a brief interlude fighting a problem caused by Thanos…

Sleepwalker #7 has the same exact sequence, redrawn from that character’s perspective, here. I do enjoy these kinds of continuity-fixing scenes.

The above storyline is resolved with the birth of Epoch, who emerges from the remains of Eon.

Such a cute baby.

Now, back to the horny Her story. Her tries to get a bunch of other men pregnant in this story (hence to cover to #29):

OK. That is nice.

And they fight over her.

After this Demi Moore tribute—which was actually published before John Byrne did the same thing in the pages of She-Hulk—and a bunch of Avengers appearances, the story ends without Her and Quasar consummating, and it sets up Jack of Hearts, another quantum-band-wearing hero, to be a regular guest in this book.  Also Moondragon and Her fight over Quasar briefly.


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