1. Correction: Luke Cage was initially and professionally known as “Luke Cage, Hero For Hire” throughout the first seventeen issues of his original series, which ran from 1972 to 1983. ( just like ‘M*A*S*H’! ) Cage changed his professional name to “Power Man” at the suggestion of Iron Man in issue #17, because, as Tony Stark, Iron Man knows how to successfully market products, items, and people, and he realized that “Hero For Hire” didn’t have the same pizzazz as “Power Man”. He was right then, and he was right now. Cage should have kept the “Power Man” sobriquet- it had everything- drama, marquee value, intimidation effect, impossible to forget, and, I would think, for the ladies, sex appeal. ( think about it- power tool- “Power Man”-get it?? ) But, for the past forever-since, he’s gone back to his original “Hero For Hire” monicker, and look how THAT’S been working out for his business. He’d better GET that “Power Man” name back, and take out a PATENT on it, before somebody ELSE does, and FAST!!! The superhero known as Atlas, formerly known as the fearsome supervillain Goliath, was originally known as ‘Power Man’ back in the day, before Cage literally beat the title out of him. ( ‘Power Man’#21 ) So, Cage needs to totally reassess the value of a cool superhero title. Seriously- would Iron Man, of all people, give Cage a bad steer???


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