Morbius #13-15 (1993)

So this is cool: Doctor Strange is actually doing doctor stuff, checking Morbius’ physical (and metaphysical) vitals, to determine that, after having been killed by Blade and then revived, Morbius is dead—and is no longer a “living” vampire.

He’s unhappy about this because, like Pinocchio, he’s been trying to transform into a “real boy” for a long, long time. 

He talks with Werewolf by Night…

…and tells him that without a soul, he has no conscience.  But doesn’t the fact that he feels bad about having no conscience indicate that he DOES in fact have one?

It’s a head scratcher.

Anyway, they decide to go after a Darkhold page that will solve this problem for Morbius.
It seems like there’s all these pages that are fairly easy to find—why is the gang from the Darkhold comic having so much trouble reassembling the book?

Anyway, Morbius is very sad about the need to fight to maintain his human side so D’Spayre shows up and, in a very wordy battle, tells Morbius that he’s actually possessed by one of Lilith’s Lillin.

And that demon takes him over from time to time.

In his Bloodthirst persona, he fights Ghost Rider briefly, and Ghost Rider’s penance stare reverts Bloodthirst back to a repentant Morbius.

So Morbius is now struggling against needing to eat people AND he is possessed by a Lilin who takes over his personality from time to time.

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