Hulk/Thing: The Big Change (1987)

An excellent, albeit frivolous, Marvel Graphic Novel (#29 in the MGN series).

Even The Watcher admits that it is inessential.

And yet, it is one of Jim Starlin’s top 10 comic books of all time.

A desert sculptor attracts Hulk’s wrath.

Hulk is then transported, with Thing, into another dimension, where Hulk notes that a trenchcoat-like disguise really doesn’t work.

Hulk figured that out. And he’s not even “smart Hulk.” So why do people keep using these disguises?

Boss monster offers them each a wish if they help vanquish the monster’s foes.

Of course Hulk is difficult. But he’s also hungry.

Their buddy relationship is cute.

And on to the mission…

…And the big fight.

But it includes Hulk trying to reason with them.

And after they succeed…

And then in the end, they’re getting ready to fight again when Thing brains Hulk while he’s eating a hamburger.

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