AMAZING ADVENTURES #16-17 (1973): Rutland Parade

Beast continues to be portrayed as a monster in this series. It’s really good.

Beast (in his rubberized “secret identity” suit) and his girlfriend Vera get stuck with Steve Englehart, Roy and Jeannie Thomas, Gerry Conway, Mike Friedrich, and Glyn and Len Wein, in Rutland during their annual Halloween parade.

This is always a fun excuse for Marvel to poke at DC (or vice versa), and to depict comic book creators in their own comics.

Always fun!

There’s also Juggernaut, who escapes from the prison dimension Dr. Strange banished him to.

His Cytorrakian powers apparently give him the ability to float.

This is different from later appearances, where Juggernaut does in fact sink-he just can’t be harmed by being underwater.  So this is an example of a “forgotten power.”

Like the classic Amazing Spider-Man #232-233, one of the best comic book stories of all time, in which the book starts with Juggernaut walking underwater and ends with him sinking into cement.

I guess that’s a retcon?

Anyway, we see that time passed differently in his prison, and Juggernaut aged quite a bit…

And now he just wants to die.

That’s a form of suicide.

And then we say goodbye to the Beast stories in this comic.

Too bad. This was really cool stuff.

Note: Issue #17 has two original panels by Jim Starlin that frame a reprint of Beast’s origin.

1 thought on “AMAZING ADVENTURES #16-17 (1973): Rutland Parade”

  1. I agree. Really cool stuff, even if all the repartee between the “real-life” Marvel staffers was borderline treacly. The only problem I had with this story is, how did the Juggernaut recognize this gorilla-creature as being the Beast of the X-Men-?? I seriously doubt Marko was receiving a subscription to ‘Amazing Adventures’ in Limbo-Land! There is no way the Juggernaut should have, or could have, recognized the Beast in his newly-minted simian state! When this excellent series was suddenly and prematurely cancelled, I was stunned with unhappiness, but simultaneously elated with the realization that this means that Hank is A) Getting a ‘Nair’-job, and B) Returning to the X-Men, where he belongs!! Silly me! What does anybody do after turning themselves into a gorilla and bombing out of their solo series-?? Why, join the Avengers, of course! To be continued in ‘Avengers’#137!!


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