Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14 (1980)

Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Denny O’Neil, and Frank Miller. Nuff said?

The splash page is an immediate indication of how great this issue will be…

Dormammu and Doctor Doom team up to create the “Bend Sinister,” a mystical threat that is a giant blue monster.

And in negotiating their partnership, Doom drinks tea with an extended pinkie.

Doom picks a pawn to do his bidding–a normal human named Lucius. First, he captures Strange by sending a magic robot to the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Lucius doesn’t seem to know he’s a patsy.

Once captured, Lucius sets about creating the Bend Sinister. The rise of Bend Sinister involves hypnotizing New York City.

Strange sends out a distress call, and Spider-Man is the only one available to answer–so webhead comes and frees Strange, and they foil Doom-Mammu’s plans. (See what I did there with their names?)

It’s a self contained story, as annuals used to be, but it’s got style for days. It’s one of the best comics Denny O’Neil wrote for Marvel. Full list here.

Last but not least: There’s an ad in the comic. It’s strange. It’s drawn by Frank Miller and it is for the punk band Shrapnel.

Anyone know if there’s a story behind this?

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