FANTASTIC FOUR #155-157: Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, and a tangled mess (1975)

Writer Gerry Conway was on his way out, to be replaced by the far-superior Roy Thomas.  However, Thomas had punctuality problems.  So, to help him with his deadline, Len “I created Swamp Thing” Wein signed on to cowrite these three issues.


There’s very little new ground trod here, but it isn’t an awful story.  It starts with Silver Surfer again coming after the F4:

We learn the reason is that somehow Dr. Doom got a hold of Shalla-Bal, Norrin Radd’s true love.

Shalla has CRS, though (Can’t Remember S#it).  She kisses chrome dome hoping it will jar something loose.

It doesn’t, though, and in the end we learn Mephisto was behind it all.  The Fantastic Four really aren’t necessary to this story at all.  But it’s not bad as a Surfer tale.


Creators: Len Wein (#155 and 156), Roy Thomas (#156 and 157), Rich Buckler

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