NAMOR ANNUAL #4 (1994)

I found a copy of the art to the cover of this issue, without the logo and price information, etc.

Ah, the ’90s. It was a time when virtually unknown creators could churn out crappy stories about characters worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Strucker and Hydra create a toxin that can kill Atlanteans and instead of Namor stopping them, a rogue Hydra agent foils the plot.

A race that is called Marrina’s children make a brief appearance, but nothing is done with it. Looks like an attempt to seed a new idea that the regular series writers never moved ahead with.

The second story has the potential to be interesting: It’s just an Atlantis adventure with Namor fighting a bad Atlantean with powers. It might be nice to have a bunch of Atlantis “street stories” just showing life in the underwater city. But the art is terrible and the writing is boring.

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