Iron Man #233 (1988)

Scott Lang takes care of the action chores in this issue, which is mostly about Tony Stark.

The Government is suing him for the damages he caused at The Vault.  I appreciate Mrs. Abrogast’s loyalty to her boss, but let’s be real: He caused a prison break and killed a foreign national during Iron Wars. There should be consequences.

His self-pity is ridiculous.
Ted Cord is messing with Stark International’s latest project roll-out, trying to press his public relations advantage post-Iron Wars, and that’s where Ant Man comes in to fight some industrial saboteurs.
I think Dave Michelinie and Bob Layton “get” Iron Man more than anyone.  I love how he’s so narcissistic that he can’t even understand why the world might look poorly on a guy whose employee just went on a mad tear across the planet, blowing up everyone in armor he could find.

Also: New corner box.


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