EXCALIBUR #78-81 (1994): The Douglock Chronicles

OK, I’m lost continuity-wise. I can’t keep track of who is doing what with whom when. So let’s just take this story on the merits. Apparently, Agent Zero has hooked up with the technovirus/phalanx version of Warlock/Cypher known as Douglock, and is teaching the creature how to exist as a “person(ish).”

The creature becomes aware of its own history–and it seems clearer and clearer that this is not just a virus creation. This is actually Doug Ramsey–with his memories.

The pair connect with Excalibur and fight off an attack by Stryfe’s robots.

Then, they teleport via Zero’s power, to a Stryfe base–the logic being that they will be harder to find if they’re actually in Stryfe’s home. Not a bad idea.

The base is under the Pentagon.

This allows for a cut scene to inside the Pentagon, where Valerie Cooper gives Forge a file on Kitty Pryde’s father.

While inside Stryfe’s base, Zero figures out how to destroy all Stryfe’s droids–but Zero also “dies” in the process; however, before he is destroyed, he manages to transfer all data about the technovirus from Stryfe’s computers into Douglock.

Throughout, Xavier and Moira seek a cure for the technovirus, and realize it has mutated to have the ability to infect humans…And Moira herself is infected.

This makes her and Xavier fool around for a bit. Just to feel alive.

This book has been stupid and silly for a long time. These issues are neither of those things. Nice!

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