AMAZING ADVENTURES #2-4 (1970-1971): Black Widow

Black Widow wordlessly trains. Nice sequence.

Someone shows up at her apartment who knows her secret. And she confesses.

Interesting that Amazing Adventures #1 invested some screen time into how important her secret was, only to have her jettison it the very next issue.

Her guest is part of a group called the Young Warriors, who are holding a sit-in to protest conditions in a local slumlord/politician’s building. The politician is Italian, so he’s connected. Mafia vs. protesting youth.

Interesting side note: Black Widow is romantically linked to Hawkeye, and Hawkeye also took on slum lords in Matt Fraction’s wonderful Hawkeye series.

Widow gets involved…

…Working with the young protesters.

It’s no contest, obviously.

JJJ sends Peter Parker to cover the news.

And it creates a PR problem for Widow.

I love when Marvel puts the credits in a headline.

Didn’t really expect an expert covert operator’s comic to be about bad press. She ends up arrested.

Anyway, it all works out for everyone except the bad guy and the antique clock.

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