Iron Man #398-400/#53-55 (2002): Book of the 10 Rings; 1st Temugin

Iron Man is now a street-level hero who busts drug dealers. A new drug on the streets called Sleeping Dragon makes people violent when they go through withdrawal.

Meanwhile, a monk in China named Temugin finds Mandarin’s rings. Turns out, he’s the son of the original Mandarin. Actually, he doesn’t just find them…


…He’s given them, by other monks in his order. They’re in a box, still on his daddy’s fingers. Gross.

Temugin becomes the new Mandarin and attacks Iron Man while he’s tracking down the source of Sleeping Dragon. They fight. Temugin seems to die in the end.

There’s also some pin-ups in issue #400

Also, Pepper Potts has a miscarriage, causing Tony to wonder what it would be like to be a daddy. This is a juxtaposition against Mandarin and Temugin.

This actually isn’t a bad story if you can get past the idea of Iron Man busting drug deals.

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