Heroes for Hire #1 (1997)

Yay! Iron Fist and Power Man are back together!

Oh nooooo. Black Knight is with them. But wait! When you actually read the comic, he only appears in a flashback. Yay! (He will join the team eventually, though.)

There’s a(nother) Vault prison break. These are all the guys who we see escape:

Please drop me a comment if I failed to tag one of them correctly.

Danny Rand and the guy running his company–Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch, an android)–decide that a good use of the Rand fortune is to hire some heroes to recapture all the Vault escapees and also fill the void left with so many heroes were “killed” by Onslaught.

The heroes in this issue come together organically to help free some scientists who are being held hostage by the U-Foes and a mind-controlled Hulk. Despite Danny’s invitation, Luke Cage and others decline to join, leaving as the founding members of this team a new White Tiger, Hercules, and Iron Fist himself.

It’s also revealed that there is a big bad who hired the U-Foes, and when I say “big bad” I emphasize the “bad” part: It’s Master of the World, who rendered unreadable so many issues of Alpha Flight Volume 1. He’s using tech stolen from Controller, who he has kidnapped. I wish it were someone else, but overall this is a good comic. Roger Stern did the plotting. Excellent creative team, solid results.

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