X-FORCE #82-84 (1998): 1st Bedlam, Jim Cheung art

Superstar artist Jim Cheung debuts and brings Bedlam with him.

When they return from Hawaii, a new mutant named Jesse Aaronson is waiting for them–sent by Domino to get X-Force’s help to rescue her from the Aguilar Institute, where she’s being tortured by Kat Gryaznova who is now…


She seems to die in an explosion in the end.

They bust Domino back and she is now on the team again (yay!), along with their new friend Jesse.

Jesse needs help finding his brother, Christopher, but there are indications that his brother doesn’t exist (he does). We also learn Jesse’s origin, which involves past mental illness–so we as readers aren’t sure whether he’s lying, crazy, or truth telling about having a brother.

There’s some really solid-but-complex background work that is setting up a big Eternals story. Some deviants are trying to escape an evil corporation and, for now, they appear as villains–but eventually it looks like they will join up with X-Force. These kinds of intricate x-stories often don’t go anywhere, so I’m not paying a ton of attention to it and since the story gets resolved fairly quickly, I’m not tagging them. I note all this because it’s actually good comic stuff–just not important enough to get into a lot of detail. John Francis Moore is doing good work here, and Cheung is, of course, a welcome addition.

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