ALPHA FLIGHT #107-109 (1992): World Tour ’92

Alpha Flight goes on a “world tour.” 

They meet X-Factor in the U.S. and fight zombies and break up a wedding.

And it’s still not a great comic. I really don’t understand how that’s possible.

Then, we visit with a bunch of heroes we almost never see in Euruope…

Shamrock, Le Peregrine, a Marvel UK character, and Brain Drain.

And again, sadly, not a great comic.

Finally, we go to Russia. And there are no Soviet Super Soldiers.  Just the KGB and the tired old Master of the World villain.

Not much of a world tour.  No Africa.  No Asia.  No South America.  Etc. There are so many reasons these issues should have been good, but they’re just average. I acknowledge, though, that it is an improvement for an Alpha Flight story to make it to “average.”

More meh.

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