NIGHTSTALKERS #7-9 and MORBIUS #10-11 (1993)

In Nightstalkers #7, a down on his luck inventor sells his soul to the Devil, but in the process becomes a demon named Stonecold.  Ghost Rider faces off with the demon and then asks the Nightstalkers for help, but it turns out they’d rather fight Ghost Rider first.

Then there’s a Morbius crossover where the team thinks Morbius is a bad vampire but of course they ultimately realize he’s a nice one, like Blade.

Along the way, Morbius exhibits a new power–he’s like Reed Richards.

I don’t think he ever uses it again.

The Nightstalkers realize that Vic Slaughter is the villain, not Morbius, and Morbius helps them fight Sonecold. 

They seem to kill Slaughter in the end, but by the last page of the crossover, we’re shown that he’s not really dead.

There’s also a backup story about Simon Stroud. He acts to protect Morbius. Vic Slaughter calls and threatens him.

Between these comics, Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, and Spirits of Vengeance, I feel like I’m reading the same comic over and over.  And soon Blade will get his own book, too.

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