Amazing Spider-Man #303 (1988)

Y’know how many Spider-Man fights take place at the docks, with criminals smuggling this or that?  Well the title of this issue is: “Dock savage”  That’s pretty funny.

Last issue, Peter Parker got a dream job offer in Kansas, and his live-in girlfriend and successful NY model Mary Jane doesn’t want to go.  I can’t believe this is even an issue for him.  Most guys would give their right nut to have a gal who makes tons of money, is crazy in love, and model-level hot.  By the end of the issue he decides to stay in NY—after she decided to move to Kansas.

Anyway, you can see above that this crosses over with Captain America #344, but only really as a time-reference.  This story takes place while Ronald Reagan is still under the influence of Viper’s snake-poisoning.  Very cool way to link the stories, though.

Action-wise, Spider-Man teams up with Silver Sable and her employee, Sandman, to hunt down a Nazi.  I really like this idea that Sandman wants to go “straight,” but the only job he’s qualified for is mercenary so he works for Sable.  It’s a cool idea.  She’s also paying Spidey for his help, which gives him a little more income.

And here’s the cliffhanger:  Some mystery guy has connected Peter Parker the photographer to Spider-Man.  We’ll see what happens there.

This creative team continues to have great pacing and still cram a ton of stuff into every issue.  I’m loving the run so far!

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