X-FACTOR #112-113 (1995): Wreaking Havok

This story starts with (what I am hoping is) a self-aware trope: An X-Man in a crashing jet! This is something started by Chris Claremont and used frequently during his run (see tag below).

We don’t know why Havok is on the plane, but he’s kidnapped by the Scarlett, from the Havok/Wolverine miniseries from 1988. Also, his powers are rising out of his control.

Opal Tanaka’s granddad Tatsu’o has a bunch of armored soldiers called Cyburai, and they attack X-Factor, who are also trying to track Havok.

What follows is an entertaining, albeit somewhat confusing, hunt for Havok involving not just X-Factor but a half-dozen other teams featuring the likes of Mystique, Random, Fatale, and others.

This is the first time X-Factor meets Fatale. She’s an assassin and Havok is her target. Although she manages to subdue and capture Havok, Yukio follows her. Yes, Yukio. It’s Japan and shockingly we don’t see Sunfire, but we do get Yukio.

Fatale tells Havok that his power increases are the reason her “employer” (Tatsu’o) is interested in him. (Am I supposed to know why his powers are increasing? Because I don’t.)

Thanks to Yukio, Havok is rescued and put into a containment suit until his powers can be controlled.

I guess having a mutant power mysteriously go haywire seems like a reasonable storyline, but with Wolverine going through a very similar transformation at the same time, it feels tired.

I’m not sure how everyone is connected, but Scarlett is definitely employed by Sugar Man–we see that on the last page. And Fatale is hired by a “doctor.”

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