EXCALIBUR #107-110 (1997): Captain Britain depowered

Salvador Larocca begins a run as artist. That will make this a better comic. It’s still not great, but at least it’s not drawn so cartoonish. It’s also heading towards cancellation.

Brian and Meggan shop for wedding rings in London where they are attacked by a gang called the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, and Captain Britain is captured. (Note that we have seen other Crimson Dawn worshippers, but this cult is a new one.).

Spiral seems to be working with them, but tells Meggan she’s a double agent and can help track down and rescue Brian.

The two get the rest of Excalibur to help, the team has the inevitable “hey it’s Spiral let’s fight” fight before teaming up with her to go rescue their teammate. Turns out, Crimson Dawn is planning on using Captain Britain’s energy to unleash somekindadoomthang, but Britain re-aborbs all the energy before they can. The effort takes care of the villains, but leaves Captain Britain powerless. Thinking he is dead, Meggan cradles his body…

…but he’s alive, and has the wedding ring they picked out.

On the soap opera side: Several team members thing Moira MacTaggert is working to hard on finding the Legacy Virus cure. Daytripper quits the team without saying goodbye to her ex-BF Nightcrawler. The Excalibur team start building a Cerebro so that they can advance Professor X’s dream in Europe.

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