GENERATION X #48-49 (1999): 1st Adrienne Frost

Jay Faerber takes over as writer, but not a lot changes. The issue is a done-in-one that checks in with each character, continuing the quiet, character-oriented slant of this series.

I’m not complaining about that, by the way. It’s nice to have a mutant book without a dozen complicated plots that intertwine and relate to alternate futures and world-ending threats.

Also, it’s nice to have Terry Dodson back on art.

The kids are still struggling to learn their powers.

Husk returns, but Chamber doesn’t seem to want to rekindle their romance.

Jubilee and Monet don’t like each other (but I’m not so clear on the “why” of it). Perhaps most importantly: Maggot arrives to get an education on how to use his powers. He stays for exactly this one story, then leaves because he attracts dangerous people and doesn’t want to put the school at risk.

He plays some basketball and, unlike Chamber, is ga-ga for Paige.

Finally, the school is hurting for money so Emma Frost borrows from her sister who agrees to provide funds if she can be the new headmistress of the school.

This is her first appearance.

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